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Carrie Rostollan, Magicienne

is proud to be an instructor for

Central Michigan’s exclusive source for a one-of-a-kind Life Skills course which combines:

Character Education

Magic PerformanceP

It's the first complete curriculum of its kind, combining character education and life skills and wrapping them inside a course that teaches kids to perform magic they won't find in any kits sold in stores.

Students will learn how to be the kind of people that others will always want to be around, performers who are Respectful... Prepared... Enthusiastic... Confident... Humble... Creative... Authentic... and Giving: what we call the Eight Traits of a True Magician.

By explaining the concepts such as Respect, Authenticity, and Enthusiasm in the context of performing magic for other people, the students learn to turn those abstract ideas into practical ways of relating to others.

For more information, e-mail me at magicienne@proximityillusions.com

Or call: 989-450-8609


"[Y]oung children learn best by interacting with people, not screens." - American Academy of Pediatrics


$249/student (per 8-session course)

$149 for the instruction and $100 for the materials

A Magic Program for Children

Teaches Communication & Life Skills

Four complete courses :

The Purple Wand Course: The 8 Effects

Unlocking The Secrets: Semester 1 & 2

 The Green Wand Course: The Skills

Unlocking Mystery: Semester 1 & 2

The Orange Wand Course: The Parts

Unlocking Wonder: Semester 1 & 2

The Blue Wand Course: The Types

Unlocking Curiosity: Semester 1 & 2


One Day Wonder (1-2 hours of instruction) INEXPENSIVE SAMPLE