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Home Magicienne Helping you find the “Possible” in Impossible!

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About me!

Hi! I’m Carrie! I’m a magicienne!

That’s a fancy French word for “female magician.”

I’ve loved magic for over 35 years!

I specialize in family-friendly magical entertainment! I will create a fun and unforgettable event that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations!

I have performed for the young ...

(and the young at heart)

... around the State of Michigan for
over a decade

with my unique, interactive, inspirational programs!

I may be handicapped, but I will teach you how to find the “Possible” through the impossible!


It is my belief that you are not just hiring someone for magic. You are looking for a person who can make your event unforgettable and fun by creating a customized solution that meets YOUR needs. By getting to know me better, I feel you can start to see just how I work with you to create an amazing experience for your event.

So how did you get started?

I love magic! I started performing at an early age, growing up in northern Wisconsin. Magic has always fascinated me, but it was the TV specials of Doug Henning and David Copperfield that inspired me the most. These performers knew how to captivate an audience and I’ve learned with practice how to do the same. They were unique performers with a quality all their own.

I am the same way.

I present a unique and intimate style of magic that sets me apart from all the rest. Striving not to just perform tricks, but to create an overall magical experience for your attendees, I prefer to work physically close to people. Minus the barriers of a stage or even a table, I can plan with you and discover exactly what your needs are for your event. I then customize a solution that can thrill a boardroom, a classroom, your living room or a ballroom. The goal is always to meet your needs and exceed expectations.

With over 12 years performing magic professionally all over Michigan, I pledge to provide a service that has you at ease and your attendees thanking you for inviting them to such an amazing event!